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Being able to communicate clearly through written language is an important part of everyday life. Whether in emails, letters, reports or articles, using well written English is essential. However, many people find it hard to use grammar correctly, and as a result they struggle to complete both business correspondence and personal communication. Fortunately, the grammar checking site checkyourtext.com is a completely free way to proofread text and make sure that your spelling, punctuation, and word use are correct.

So what does this grammar checker do?

When you input your text, the site quickly performs a wide range of checks. It completes everything from a basic spell check to more in-depth context and grammar checks. Our checker is even able to pick up on context-based language issues that expensive word processors, such as MS word, are unable to find. Missing punctuation, passive voice, tense confusion, and overly complex expressions are all identified, along with many other common day-to-day writing problems.

Clear and precise feedback

The tutor highlights any errors it finds by underlining the problem areas. It uses different colors depending on the nature of the error. Red signals a spelling mistake, green signals a grammar mistake, and blue signals a wording mistake. This feedback system makes the suggested changes easy to assess at a glance.

Detailed further information

Unlike other similar tools, the site gives writers detailed additional information about each error. When you select a highlighted error, you are given a range of assistance options. For basic spelling or punctuation errors the site provides a list of alternative word choices. For more complex problems, it offers a link to a page explaining the problem in more detail and includes example sentences to help you further understand the issue.

How to use the site

Checkyourtext.com provides a completely free service, and no login or registration is required. The grammar checking tool is uncomplicated to use and easy to follow. It is ideal for anyone who struggles to negotiate more complicated, less user friendly spell checking software.

You can either copy and paste your written work from its original source or type directly into the text box on the site. After clicking the ‘ABC’ button just underneath the text box, the site will instantly display a copy of your text with any possible errors clearly underlined.

If you wish to find out more about a specific error, select the underlined word and follow the link to the detailed explanation page that the site provides. If you want to fix a spelling or punctuation mistake, simply select an alternative word from the drop down list of options.

The importance of proofreading text

English is a complex language with many rules and exceptions. Even people who have a lot of experience writing can find that they make mistakes from time to time. Taking a while to double check your work is very important no matter how experienced you are. Bad grammar does not only make written material difficult to understand, it can even change the meaning of text completely.

The benefits of using an online grammar check

Having the ability to produce well-written work that you are confident and proud of has many benefits:

  • Correcting business correspondence; checking for grammar mistakes in your business correspondence before sending it to a client or colleague is very important. As higher literacy levels are becoming expected by employers, poor literacy is a growing reason for people being held back in the work place. Bosses may feel uneasy about allowing someone to progress to a higher level if their work is error prone, because they believe it could end up reflecting badly on the company.
  • Being able to produce a good quality of written English gives the impression that you are intelligent and that you pay close attention to detail. On the other hand, sending off text that is littered with errors can lead people to believe that the writer is unprofessional and careless. Even in informal documents like emails it is worthwhile checking your work thoroughly, as it shows that you put in extra time and effort in all aspects of your job.
  • Making sure that important documents are error free; when producing important work documents, like reports, forms, product inventories, and action plans, it is crucial that your writing is clear and correct. Serious mistakes and delays can occur if wording is difficult to understand or misleading. By getting a second opinion from our spell checker, you can ensure that what you have written is as concise and correct as humanly possible.
  • Gaining independence; grammar checking tools are particularly useful for people who feel that they have poor writing skills. The checker can build up your confidence in your own ability by allowing you to write independently, rather than having to rely on friends or colleagues to proofread your work for you.
  • English as a second language; as English is a commonly used language throughout the business world, more and more people are finding it necessary to learn it. Unfortunately, using grammar accurately when English is not your first language is especially difficult. A tool like ours allows you to communicate clearly in written English without the worry of being misunderstood. The tool is perfect of international college students, recent immigrants, and multinational businesses.
  • Improving your writing skills; proofreading tools are ideal for anyone seeking to improve their written English. By pointing out mistakes, the site can help you to realize your most common errors and take steps to prevent them in the future. The detailed information that it provides can increase your vocabulary, develop your writing style, and help you to further understand the rules regarding punctuation and spelling.

The Checkyourtext.com grammar and spell checker can be used instantly without the need to download or install any app. The site is completely safe and secure, and it does not store any of your text. By using the site regularly, you can make sure that your work is well-written and error-free, and help yourself to progress academically, socially, and professionally.

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